Contact Montgomery County Council to Fully Fund MCPS’ CIP Budget Request


URGENT: Petition for keeping additions at Pyle and Whitman on track

Last week the MCPS Board of Education recommended a delay for the Pyle and Whitman additions because of County budget constraints.

As a cluster, we strongly object to ANY delay of our desperately needed additions.

What can you do now? Let our elected officials know immediately that this issue matters to YOU.

Please sign the petition asking our local leaders to keep the Pyle and Whitman additions on track. Also, please share the petition on local listservs and social media.


The Pyle and Whitman expansion projects are in jeopardy. The Board of Education approved the MCPS Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) that included expansion projects at both Pyle and Whitman that would relieve overcrowding at both schools. However, the projects will only go forward if the County Council approves funding. The Pyle and Whitman additions are completely dependent on whether or not the County Council fully-funds the requested CIP budget submitted by MCPS.

Below is a letter that our Cluster Reps have drafted that asks our County Council members to fully-fund the requested CIP budget. Email our elected officials, the Montgomery County Council, and encourage them to fully fund MCPS’ CIP budget request NOW. If we don’t speak up, they won’t know we care about this issue.


The addition projects at both Pyle and Whitman. These projects are desperately needed to alleviate the massive overcrowding (especially at Pyle). (At stake right now is the Capital Improvements Budget that governs construction. We will advocate separately for the operating budget – which impacts class sizes and staffing – at a later date.)


Children attending Pyle and Whitman in the year 2020 (the current completion date) and beyond. If you have a child in any grade at Bannockburn, this should be a concern for you NOW. These projects have a long planning and construction timeline. If the Pyle project is delayed, then your child could attend Pyle with over 1500 students in a building built for ONLY 1000 students–Pyle’s current students do.


READ the letter below and EMAIL it to the County Council members at the email addresses listed at the bottom of this email. Please also copy the on your email.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Allison Harrison & Susan Eagle
BES Co-Cluster Reps


Dear Members of the County Council,

I am writing for your support of our one of our county’s most valued assets: our public schools. Too many of our schools are beyond overcrowded and the situation is only going to get worse in coming years unless you vote to fully fund MCPS’s capital budget.

As the parent of a child at Bannockburn Elementary School and a voter, I am deeply concerned that our county’s over-enrolled and aging buildings pose safety risks and negatively impact learning. I am also concerned that without funding current planned additions to our schools, the upcoming development in the Westbard Sector will create an intolerable strain on our community.

At Pyle Middle School and Whitman, all “available” space—computer labs, storage spaces, closets—has been converted to classrooms. Students eat lunch in the hallways, stairwells, and classrooms because of extreme overcrowding in the cafeteria. And at Pyle, the gym is so packed during every period of PE that students must sit through much of the period to wait their turn to participate. Five or six PE classes must share a space designed for two classes! Both schools lack suitable space to safely place relocatable classrooms.

The situation is only going to get worse, as enrollment is expected to continue to grow, even without accounting for any new residential development such as Westbard. THE ADDITIONS AT PYLE AND WHITMAN MUST CONTINUE AS SCHEDULED.

Like so many of my friends and neighbors, I chose to live in this county because of its public schools. Economic revitalization in our county cannot be done unless there are adequate funds to support our valued public schools. It would be unconscionable to consider extensive development, like Westbard, without funding these additions. I ask you to demonstrate support for all our schools and our families by voting in favor of fully funding MCPS’s CIP budget request.


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Email addresses for Council Members:

Please cc: on all your emails so we can keep track of how many parents are contacting them.