BES PTA Minutes – January 13, 2016

The Bannockburn Elementary School PTA met on January 13, 2016 at the Bannockburn Elementary School.  PTA Co-Presidents, Laura Miller and Heather Kraus called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.


In attendance:  There were 31 participants including members of the PTA Board and Principal Kate Bradley.


Welcome and PTA Co-Presidents’ and Committee Reports

  • Miller and Ms. Kraus welcomed everyone to the meeting and presented the minutes from the November 3, 2015 PTA meeting. Jill Holland made a motion to approve the minutes; Gillian Engelson seconded it.  The motion was approved unanimously by voice vote as distributed with no objection or correction.  Past PTA Meeting Minutes are available online at:
  • Miller discussed a proposal to move PTA funds previously budgeted for a third grade field trip to Adventure Theater to support an annual fifth grade field trip to Philadelphia, PA. After explaining the history of both field trips and the circumstances of this proposal, Allison Harrison made a motion for a one-time redirection of $1,600 from the third grade Adventure Theater field trip to the fifth grade field trip to Philadelphia, PA.  Lidi Greenwald seconded it.  The motion was approved unanimously by voice vote.
  • Miller and Ms. Kraus discussed the formation of a Nominating Committee for next year’s PTA offices and changes to the management of PTA-sponsored before- and after-school clubs.
  • Ms. Nancy Browning presented the Treasurer’s Report.  PTA Treasurer’s Reports are available online at:
  • Ms. Greenwald, VP of Fundraising, noted that the PTA had raised $5,757 so far this year and noted upcoming opportunities to support the PTA via the annual Bingo Night, PTA Auction and Fun Run and by collecting and returning Box Tops for education.
  • Shefali Srivistava presented a report on in-school activities, including Cultural Arts, Artist-in-Residence, Stem Day, Math Day, International Day, and Field Day.
  • Ms. Holland presented a report on recent and upcoming community service projects.
  • Cluster Representatives Ms. Harrison and Susan Eagle presented a hopeful report about Pyle Middle School expansion being in the Interim School Superintendent’s Construction Plan, but cautioned that more work would be needed to see this plan actualized, noting a variety of meetings PTA members could attend to support the expansion plan.  They highlighted several other Cluster issues as well.
  • Copies of written committee reports were distributed at the meeting.
  • Ms. Bradley presented her report, noting that school enrollment is now 418 students, including 85 third graders.  Since 2009, school enrollment has risen 12 percent but staff positions have risen by only 3 percent.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie Noonan, February 2015