BES PTA Minutes – May 2, 2017

The Bannockburn Elementary School PTA met on May 2, 2017 at the Bannockburn Elementary School (BES). PTA Co-President Heather Kraus called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

In attendance: There were 19 participants, including BES Principal Kate Bradley.


  • PTA Co-Presidents Ms. Kraus and Marget Maurer welcomed everyone to the meeting. Ms. Kraus announced a minor change in the printed agenda to let Principal Bradley speak first.

Principal’s Report

  • Ms. Bradley discussed the PARCC exams that grades 3-5 would start that week. These exams are a Maryland state-wide assessment and this is the second year that Bannockburn students are taking the exams (after one practice year.) The school uses the results to provide feedback to the teachers as the tests tell the school where the children are struggling and where they are doing well.

PTA Presidents’ Report

  • Ms. Kraus presented the March 7, 2017 PTA minutes.  PTA Secretary noted that the date of submission was incorrect and made the correction.  Allie Ammerman moved to approve the minutes and Kathy Hurld seconded the move.  The motion was approved unanimously by voice vote. Past PTA Meeting Minutes are available online at:  
  • Ms. Kraus notified the PTA members of the proposed slate of officers for next year’s PTA.  The slate will be voted on at June PTA meeting.  The proposed officers are:
    Marget Maurer, Co-President
    Kristina Wills, Co-President
    Tim Yehl, Treasurer
    Allison Leotta, Secretary
    Rodica Retezar, VP of Social
    Christy Stults, VP of Social
    Allie Ammerman, VP of Communications – Membership
    Terri Payne, VP of Communications – Directory
    Setareh Ghandehari, VP of Community Service
    Jen Jorden, VP of Community Service
    Rachel Landau, VP of Before and After School Activities (Clubs)
    Tanya Sisler, VP of Before and After School Activities (Clubs)
    Brian Moore, MCCPTA Delegate
    Sheara Krvaric, MCCPTA Delegate
    Susan Eagle, Cluster Representative
    Catherine Bise, Cluster Representative
    Kate Griffin, Assistant Treasurer
    Heather Kraus, President Emeritas
    Vacant, VPs of Fundraising
    Vacant, VP of In-School Activities
  • Ms. Kraus also notified the PTA members that there would be a vote on the PTA Bylaws at the June PTA meeting. The PTA leadership is proposing an amendment to the current bylaws by adding a formal position of “VP of Community Service” to the list of PTA officers.
  • Ms. Kraus also pointed out that the June PTA meeting will start at 6:30, not 7:00, and will include Ms. Bradley’s State of the School presentation.PTA Committee Reports
  • Ms. Kraus presented the written Treasurer’s Report as Mr. Tim Yehl was unavailable that night.
  • Ms. Hurld presented the MCCPTA Representative Report, focused on the recent news of financial irregularities at the MCCPTA: $39,000 are unaccounted for in MCCPTA bank statements. The missing funds appear to have disappeared between July 1, 2016 and February 28, 2017. The MCCPTA assured each member PTAs that all the dues they had paid were safe. The police are involved in resolving the situation and a new board is now in place. The MCCPTA was saved this year by its financial cushion.
  • Rodica Retezar gave the Social Report, noting that Mayfair was scheduled for Friday, May 12. She asked for parent volunteers for the event.
  • The Cluster, Before & After School Activities, and Community Services Reports were all written.
  • Ms. Ammerman noted that this week was Staff Appreciation week and that all staff members—from teachers to bus drivers—received a gift certificate.The meeting was adjourned at 7:46 p.m.Respectfully submitted,
    Bonnie Noonan, May 2017