They have taught us in a room, they have taught us now in Zoom.

They have helped us while in school, they have cooked our daily fuel.

They have taught us from their house, they have helped us with a mouse.

They have cleaned up here and there, they have helped us everywhere!

And now it’s our turn to thank them in their house, and appreciate them with our mouse!  


We will be celebrating our very Seussy Staff from May 18-22, 2020. 

We won’t be providing Green Eggs & Ham, Beezlenuts snacks or Truffula treats…

BUT we can still show the BES staff how much we care! Like the Cat in the Hat, we have a few tricks up our sleeve!

You are dying to ask, “But, how can I help? I barely leave the house. I’m always on the computer—working and/or helping the kids through zoom class and uploading exit tickets! I don’t have time to shop!”

It’s simple.  Just look at Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3!

Thing 1: Star Belly Sneetch Staff Raffle. 

Don’t be like Sally’s mom and go out—stay home and leave the online shopping to us! Venmo or PayPal $$ and we will make sure our who-tastic staff get online gift cards for their favorite shopping-from-home places, as well as GrubHub or DoorDash gift cards to mix up their quarantine meal plan.

Venmo:  @Allie-Ammerman


Families can give $20 to each staff member per calendar year. And remember, it’s not just the classroom teachers who make BES the very best school in all of Maryland. Every day, all 52 BES staff members work hard to make sure your children are healthy, happy and learning in a clean, friendly, welcoming school. Be as generous as you can.

**Staff Raffle Donations due by: Wednesday, May 13th

Thing 2: Send a “Hats off” Card

Be like Seuss and get coloring! Coloring and being grateful have been shown to lower stress levels. We can help with that!

Take a few minutes to color with your kids and write a quick note saying “Hats off to you for being (insert favorite descriptive adjective here).  It’s like a quick mad-lib. Print this PDF for the “Hats off” coloring page. You’ll feel better once you do this, trust us on this.

**Send finished card/s with the teacher/staff person’s name and your child’s name to: by Wednesday, May 13th.

Thing 3: Make a video.

We might have missed the 2nd grade Seussical, but we are a brainy, crafty bunch.

AND we all know that some of our kids miss having an audience…well, we can solve that problem too!!

Grab your phone and take a quick video of your kids doing their thing:  singing, dancing, or just saying “Thank you,BES.  You are incredible!”  And by quick, we mean 10 seconds, not 10 minutes.  We will create a big video compiling all the little videos to share with staff.

**Send video submissions to: by Wednesday, May 13th.


Any questions?  Want to help?  Handy with creating videos and have few free hours on their hands?
Email: Marget Maurer at