General Membership Meeting July 16, 2020 – Minutes

Meeting Minutes – Bannockburn Elementary School PTA – General Membership Meeting
July 16, 2020 – 8:00PM

In person attendees at clubhouse:
1. Terri Payne
2. Juliette Searight
3. Nikolette Romano
4. Charlie Hundley
5. Sarah Sparks
6. Molly Kress
7. Dave Curren
8. Brian Muraresku
9. Angela Hirsch
10. Carol Henninger
11. Steve Solomon
12. Kathy Hurld
13. Kristina Wills
14. Erin McCahill
15. Kate Griffin

Meeting minutes:
– Kevin Kenney called meeting to order at 8:02PM

– Kevin went over agenda and rules for attendance and how the vote will be ratified

– Kevin read through the nominations

– Nominations from the floor:

  • Heather Golde for VP of Social Activities nominated by Shannon Rosenthal; seconded by Debra Budiani-Saberi. Heather accepted nomination via email.
  • No other nominations

– Motion to elect the slate via Zoom poll (add two votes from the in-person attendees at the clubhouse unable to access Zoom poll). Poll approves slate with 34 votes in favor (97% yes) and 1 abstaining.

– Motion to ratify the election results

  • Motion to ratify the election results: Kathy Hurld
  • Seconded: Sarah seconded
  • All present at the clubhouse raised hands to ratify the vote (15 in favor, 0 opposed).

– Meeting ended at 8:18PM.

Prepared by: Kate Griffin