PTA Committees

Our PTA sponsors, organizes and produces an incredible number of events and activities throughout the school year. We are always eager for new volunteers!

Below is a list of all our PTA committees for 2018-19 and the committee chairs; please contact them if you are interested in helping. We want YOU.

  • BES Advocacy: Catherine Bise and Susan Eagle
  • Community Service: Jennifer Jordan and Sara Williams
  • Cultural Arts: Susan Limb
  • Artist In Residence: Erika Satlof
  • Field Day: Linda Petursdottir
  • Math Day: Terri Payne, Pete & Becky Epanchin
  • Science Night: 
  • International Night: Valquiria Rey
  • Landscaping: Marget Maurer
  • Media Center: Rachel Landau
  • Staff Appreciation: Marget Maurer
  • Book Fair: Kathy Hurld and Analou Schoonmaker
  • Fun Run: Kathleen Wolf
  • PTA Auction:Erin Johnson Lentz
  • Restaurant Nights: Erica Mudd
  • Back to School Picnic: 
  • Craft Night:  Patricia Guroff
  • Kindergarten Orientation: 
  • Kindergarten Social: Mary & Phil Minshew
  • Mayfair: Steven Solomon
  • Newcomer’s Coffee: Susan Limb
  • Variety Show: Shannon Rosenthal

Interested in forming a new committee? Contact PTA co-presidents Annie Estrada Postma ( or Kevin Kenney  (