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They have taught us in a room, they have taught us now in Zoom. They have helped us while in school, they have cooked our daily fuel. They have taught us from their house, they have helped us with a mouse. They have cleaned up here and there, they have helped us everywhere! And now it’s our turn to thank them

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Valentine’s Day Cards for Children’s Inn at NIH

Parents, Offer your child an opportunity to brighten someone’s Valentine’s Day! Have your child create a Valentine’s Day card for residents of the Children’s Inn at NIH. Cards should not refer to hospitals or sickness, should not say “get well soon” or anything similar, or have religious connotations. Decorated cards can be returned to the bin outside the front office

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2015 SuperHero Math and Word Magic

On November 20, 2015, BES students were amazed as they watched Joe Romano cuts his arm in 3 equal pieces to teach the concept of thirds. Students had to guess how many prizes were in the magic gumball machine, a great lesson in estimation. Other segments included Order of Operation, Measurement, Probability and more.   Find out more about the

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