5 Reasons to Join the PTA* 

1. You'll be thinner

Not that you need to be. You already look great. Stay with us here. It’s true that joining the PTA will make your wallet a bit thinner—but your loss is our teachers’ gain. The BES PTA provides start-up funds for all BES teachers EVERY year to help provide needed classroom supplies. The PTA also sponsors professional training and development opportunities for our staff. And: the PTA sponsors a Fun Run in the spring- to get you moving after that long winter’s nap--which might make you thinner. Not that you need to be.

2. You'll be richer

In spirit and experience, of course! Without the BES PTA there would be no Math or STEM (Science) day, no school social events (Back to School picnic, Bingo Night, PTA Auction, Craft Night, Mayfair), no artist-in-residence program (opera singing! slam poetry!), no cultural arts or character education assemblies (Cello Fury!). These experiences enrich both your children and you- through connections made and minds blown (see: Chinese acrobats!).

3. You'll sleep better

The BES PTA sponsors, organizes and funds an amazing before and after school clubs program at BES that is open to all students. The offerings are incredibly varied: chess, soccer, lego building, pottery, poms, music, yoga, cooking, tennis, art, jewelry making- just to name a few, literally. The PTA also provides scholarships for students with financial need to participate in our clubs program. Close your eyes and drift off to sleep knowing your PTA is providing great before and after school activities for many young minds and bodies.

4. You'll have peace of mind

You are a caring person-- and you’re teaching your children to care as well. The BES PTA sponsors and organizes numerous community service activities for our kids to participate in. Help the Homeless month, canned food drives, toy and shoe collections, Pennies for Patients and other activities help our kids make a positive difference in the lives of others. Join the PTA and feel peace that these outreach activities will continue at BES.

5. You'll be better organized

BES PTA members receive two key items which promote organizational bliss:
1. an informative school calendar (with all school holidays, PTA events and activities listed)
2. a hard copy school directory AND access to the school directory app, a life-changing bit of technology if there ever was one.

Join our PTA and feel thinner, richer, well-rested, peaceful and organized. You will feel good and we will be grateful.

*There are more than 5 reasons to join; we just thought these would appeal to you. More reasons available upon request.

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