About our PTA

What We Do

The PTA serves an important role at BES, supporting students and staff in wide-ranging ways.

During normal years, the BES PTA sponsors a school-wide Artist-in-Residence program; cultural arts and character education assemblies; Math Day and Science Night; community service programs; and social events (such as the Welcome Back Picnic) throughout the year.  COVID-19 has changed much of what is possible right now, but we are always looking for ways to make the best of our current realities and get back to supporting our community in all the ways that were done before the pandemic.

We continue to make all efforts to run robust before and after school clubs program open to all students. The PTA also provides funds for teachers and staff for classroom supplies, special programs, and training.

Finally, we advocate for our school within various organizations at the County and State levels.

We can’t do all of this without your help.  Join the PTA!