Club Descriptions

If you’re looking for descriptions and other details about BES PTA clubs for spring 2017, you’ve come to the right place. All clubs take place at the school. We offer these clubs through Flex Academies and the school with some of our teachers. Registration for these clubs are on two sites:  at Flex and Pay4SchoolStuff but we have provided registration links below each description to make things a bit easier for you.

Space is limited for all clubs and is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Registration will begin at 8 pm sharp on Sunday, March 12  and run for two weeks. Many of these clubs will be offered again next year so don’t worry if the timing doesn’t work out this time around.

BES PTA Clubs for Spring 

Not Your Average Book Club with Ms. Ross (3-5) $120
Tuesday 8:10-9:10 am
This Book Club run by Ms. Ross will begin each week with a question and answer discussion about the book Charlotte’s Web. Then students will follow up with an activity each week such as acting out a scene, making a shoebox diorama, creating pictures using play doh or even possibly creating the story in a play form at the end! It will be a lot of fun but definitely “Not Your Average Book Club!” To register: Pay4SchoolStuff

Cartooning (K-5) $155
Tuesday 4-5 pm
Cartooning is not a lost art! Let your kids learn the joy of creating characters with color from the instructors at Young Rembrandts. Register here

Girl Power with Ms. Turner (4-5) $120
Tuesday 4-5 pm
Come enjoy exciting afternoons with Ms. Turner as girls work on building leadership skills. Girls will work together as they grow in their leadership abilities and enhance their self-confidence as well! To register: Pay4SchoolStuff

Scratch Coding (2-5) $230
Tuesday 4-5 pm
Learning to code might be the most important undertaking in your child’s academic career. Let Silver Knights start them off right with coding in Scratch.  Register here

Conversational Spanish (K-5) $205
Tuesday 4-5 pm
Even just learning the basics of a new language can have profound effects on academic performance. Let Foreign Languages for Kids stimulate and excite. Register here

Jogging with Ms. Miller (K-3) $120
Wednesday 8:10-9:10 am
Come experience the joy of jogging with Mrs. Miller! Each week we will go on a fun conversation paced jog in the Bannockburn neighborhood. Parent volunteers are welcome to join. To register: Pay4SchoolStuff

Morning P.E. with Ms. Verderosa (4-5) $120
Wednesday 8:10-9:10 am

Start your day off right!  Enjoy some favorite games that you normally don’t get to play in P.E., like indoor soccer, hockey and pillo polo.  Target and dodging games will also be a part of the fun.  You are guaranteed to work up a sweat so don’t forget to bring a water bottle! To register: Pay4SchoolStuff

Art (3-5) $205
Wednesday 4-5 pm 
The staff from Visual Creatives will lead your child through the wonderland of painting, drawing and collage in this interactive program.Register here

Beginning Tennis (K-5) $180
Wednesday 4-5 pm
Learn the basics of serve and volley with the solid fundamentals and qualified instructors of the Lafayette Tennis Association.Register here

Cooking(K-3) $205
Wednesday 4-5 pm
Got a foodie for a kid? Let them explore their taste-making abilities and create restaurant-style dishes with the teachers from Tiny Chef. Register here

Dance with Mrs. Snow (2-5) $120
Wednesday 4-5 pm
During this 8 week club, students will learn a dance routine to a popular hip-hop song. Each week we will learn more and practice the routine, and students will even get to choreograph some of the dance themselves! Then on the final date of the club, wearing costume and smiles, the students in the club will perform the dance routine for their family and friends! Register here: Pay4SchoolStuff

Film-making (3-5) $205
Wednesday 4-5 pm
Movie makers always get their start young. See if your little one could be the next Pixar master. Register here

Science Funky Forces  (K-3) $180
Wednesday 4-5 pm
Physics is not a focus at such an early age in science education, so Mad Science has this fun and funky program to introduce the concept of actions, reactions and all the fun of crashing stuff together. Register here

Chess (K-5) $135
Thursday 8:10-9:10 am
Where are you going to get the mental toughness to face down an opponent and the intellectual ability to outsmart one? Chess with Silver Knights is the answer? Register here

Multi-sports (K-3) $130
Thursday 8:10-9:10 am
Your kid will run, jump, kick and throw with the coaches at Overtime Athletics and get all the benefits of sports and exercise. Register here

Strong Voices for Girls: Self Esteem Workshop (3-5) $205
Thursday 8:10-9:10 am
For parents with daughters, teaching confidence and resilience is an absolute must these days. Topics that are covered include social media, bullying, friendships, and any issues going on in the girl world.  Helping young girls learn about improving self-esteem, building confidence and managing stress is the core tenet of Strong Voices for Girls.  Register here.

Newspaper with Ms. Rardin  (3-5) $150
Thursday 8:10 – 9:10 am
Young reporters on the Bannockburn Times team will learn how to develop their own story ideas, articles, and features; get tips on how to interview, make notes and use research; learn how to write news, reviews, and/or opinion pieces; and experience the pleasure of viewing their work in print. Come help create the newspaper that all of Bannockburn wants to read! This club is also made possible thanks to two devoted BES parents and journalism experts: Siobhan Gonzalez and Ayesha Court.  To register: Pay4SchoolStuff .   *Please Note: In order to have an evenly balanced team for newspaper club this spring, we will offer eight places each in grades 3, 4 and 5. There will still be 24 places total– but the places will be evenly distributed between the three eligible grades. If there are no places left in your child’s grade, you will be able to put your child’s name on the new waitlist option in Pay for School Stuff. (If all the places are not filled in the other grades, the first person on the waitlist will get the vacant slot, and then the second one, etc. until all the places are filled.) Registration will begin at 8pm on Sunday, March 12th; we will hold open 8 slots in 3/4/5th grade until Wednesday, March 15th at 10am. After that time we will go to the wait list to fill all the slots in the club. Students will be admitted from the wait list in the order they registered.

Adventures in Theater (k-2) $180
Thursday 4-5 pm
The thespians from Adventure Theater will bring your kids on an unforgettable journey through the dramatic arts this spring. Register here

LEGO Engineering (1-3) $180
Thursday 4-5 pm

LEGO Engineering with Ascendly is a superior way to get your kids building creative constructions and learning the basic principles of building. Register here

Afternoon P.E. with Ms. Verderosa (3-4) $120
Thursday 4-5 pm

End your day right!  Enjoy some favorite games that you normally don’t get to play in P.E., like indoor soccer, hockey and pillo polo.  Target and dodging games will also be a part of the fun.  You are guaranteed to work up a sweat so don’t forget to bring a water bottle! To register: Pay4SchoolStuff

Portuguese (K-5) $180
Friday 4-5 pm
Did you know that over 230 million people speak Portuguese?  More people speak this exciting romance language than do French, German, Italian or Japanese. It’s the language of the 2016 Olympic Games. Native speaker, Miss Ilda Gonzalez Valin da Silva, will bring her years of teaching experience to us for another semester. All students with some degree of Portuguese ability are welcome for this fun-filled immersion program in which students will sing, play games, and learn about Portuguese-speaking cultures. Don’t miss out on an experience filed with music, games, reading and FUN – in one of the world’s most beautiful and expressive languages.  To register: Pay4SchoolStuff

 For clubs questions contact Rachel Landau ( or Tanya Sisler (