Before & After-School Clubs

The BES PTA and its partners offer a wide range of before and after-school clubs. Each school year, there are three club sessions: fall, winter and spring.

Fall clubs registration will begin on Sunday, September 17 at 8 pm.  Clubs will begin during the week of October 9 and run for eight weeks.

Below is a list of the fall clubs offerings The descriptions page provides full details of each club, including the registration link and price.  Click here to print the spring clubs flyer.

  • Book Club: Tuesday 8:10-9:10 am, for grades 3-5
  • Cartooning: Tuesday 4-5pm, for grades K-5
  • Girl Power: Tuesday 4-5pm, for grades 4-5
  • Scratch Coding: Tuesday 4-5pm, for grades 2-5
  • Spanish: Tuesday 4-5pm, for grades K-5
  • Jogging: Wednesday 8:10 – 9:10 am, for grades K-3
  • Morning P.E.: Wednesday, 8:10-9:10 am, for grades 4-5
  • Cooking: Wednesday 4-5 pm, for grades K-3
  • Art: Wednesday 4-5pm, for grades 3-5
  • Beginning Tennis: Wednesday 4-5pm, for grades K-5
  • Mad Science: Wednesday 4-5pm, for grades K-3
  • Dance: Wednesday 4-5 pm, for grades 2-5
  • Film making: Wednesday 4-5 pm, for grades 3-5
  • Multi-sports: Thursday 8:10-9:10am, for grades K-3
  • Chess: Thursday 8:10-9:10am, for grades K-5
  • Newspaper: Thursday 8:10-9:10am, for grades 3-5*
  • Strong Voices for Girls: Thursday 8:10-9:10 am, for grades 3-5
  • Adventure Theater: Thursday 4-5pm, for grades K-2
  • Afternoon P.E.: Thursday 4-5 pm, grades 3-4
  • LEGO Engineering: Thursday 4-5pm, for grades 1-3
  • Portuguese: Friday 4-5 pm , for grades K-5

*IMPORTANT INFO. RE. NEWSPAPER CLUB REGISTRATION: In order to have an evenly balanced team for newspaper club this spring, we will offer eight places each in grades 3, 4 and 5. There will still be 21 places total– but the places will be evenly distributed between the three eligible grades. If there are no places left in your child’s grade, you will be able to put your child’s name on the new waitlist option in Pay for School Stuff. (If all the places are not filled in the other grades, the first person on the waitlist will get the vacant slot, and then the second one, etc. until all the places are filled.) Registration will begin at 8pm on Sunday, September 17; we will hold open 7 slots in 3/4/5th grade until Wednesday, September 20 at 10am. After that time we will go to the wait list to fill all the slots in the club. Students will be admitted from the wait list in the order they registered.

Please go here for frequently asked questions about clubs.

Sincere thanks for your support of our school, BES teachers, PTA, and parent volunteers.

For clubs questions contact Rachel Landau ( or Tanya Sisler (