Clubs: Frequently Asked Questions

Are scholarships available in cases of financial need? Yes! Please contact our school counselor, Christine Castellano (, if you are interested in a scholarship for a club. We offer one scholarship per child per session, either through Enrichment Matters or a BES PTA sponsored club. Please submit your request ideally the week before Clubs Registration opens with your top three choices in preferential order. Also, these scholarships are to help with the cost of participation in PTA clubs listed on our site. They do not cover other activities provided by other outside vendors, even if those other activities take place at BES.

If I need to withdraw my student from a club, can I get a refund? The short answer is that you can get a refund if you withdraw before the club’s first meeting. The implementation of this policy differs according to whether the club runs through Enrichment Matters.

The policy for other (i.e. non-EM) clubs is as follows. If you withdraw before the first meeting, the PTA will give you a check for the registration fee, minus the charges imposed on the PTA by Enrichment Matters. Refunds will not be available after the first meeting.

Will students have time for a snack between school and after-school clubs? Yes! School finishes at 3:50, and clubs start at 4:00. By all means pack a snack for your student to eat in the intervening 10 minutes.

Where do I meet my student after an after-school club? Please meet and sign out your student in the main entrance lobby. We find that this works more smoothly than having parents go to classrooms, which can distract from completing activities and from tidying up. Mrs. Parker serves as our on-site coordinator, starting when classes are dismissed, and finishing when students have been signed out.

What about dropping off my student for a before-school club? The procedure is slightly different for younger students (grades K-2) than for older students (grades 3-5). Mrs. Bradley requests that students in grades K, 1, and 2 be walked to their club rooms. Students in grades 3, 4, and 5 know the school better, and so can find their way to club rooms.

Do clubs meet on snow days/MCPS holidays, etc.? During our winter session, weather sometimes interferes with our club schedule. In general, here are guidelines for weather events/holidays and clubs.

  • MCPS holiday (such as MLK, President’s Day, etc.)- No clubs- morning or afternoon
    MCPS early release day (such as Feb 26)- No afternoon clubs; morning clubs will meet
  • School cancelled for weather (snow day)- No clubs- morning or afternoon
  • School released early for weather- No afternoon clubs- morning clubs will meet
  • School opened late due to weather- No morning clubs- afternoon clubs will meet

In the case of inclement weather, we will send an email informing/reminding you of this policy and letting you know if there are any changes. If weather interferes with club meetings, we will attempt to schedule makeup classes at the end of the club session.

I have a clubs question. Who can I talk to? Contact Rachel Landau ( or Tanya Sisler ( your PTA clubs VPs.