PTA Board Members

President: Juliette Searight Evans
President-Elect: Hie Jung Limb (Susan)
Treasurer: Kevin Stults
Secretary: Katharine Hope Gordon
VP of Fundraising: Anna Benefiel (nominated)
VPs of Education: Lauren Bates and Jodi Lazarus
VP of Diversity and Inclusion: Marsha Ashley (nominated) and Kelly Griffiths (nominated)
VPs of Communication and Membership: Amanda Sutaria and Jessica Mackler
VP of In School Activities: Asha Balakrishnan and Erika Satlof
VP of Before and After School Activities: Verinda Fike
VP of Social Activities: Heather Golde and Margaret Cantrell (nominated)
VP of Community Service: Mia Morrison
MCCPTA Delegates: Melissa Waite and David Hecht
Assistant Treasurer: Girish Tumpabura
Cluster Reps: Laurie Blunt and Kevin Kenney
Special Education Reps: Vanessa Sax and Marget Maurer
NAACP Rep: Dana and Hubert Shaiyen
GT Liason (non voting): Laura Beers and Marget Maurer
DEI Committee Liaison (non voting): Lisa Kays