Grounds Workday Events

Upcoming BES Grounds Woodland Workday Events

March 5th, 2022 1-3pm

April 23rd, 2022 10am-12pm. (Done – Thank you to all who participated!)

More being planned for fall/winter 2022.

What do these events accomplish?

These events are put together to enable our community to affect positive ecological change on our neighborhood elementary school grounds. Read more about the change we want and why.

The initial emphasis of these events will be to stabilize the grounds and counter the ecological threats currently posed by abundant growth of Non-Native Invasive (NNI) plants on the property. Read more about the threats NNI pose to our ecological communities here. Community workday events to remove NNI plants on the school grounds have been approved by BES administration and MCPS Central Office, using their formal Facility Project Request process.

Explanation of Specific NNI Removal Processes

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand why certain steps have been taken. Sometimes what is best for a natural area, is not immediately aesthetically appealing to the eye. Read more about some of the more visible strategies we employ and why.